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[PDF]Getting Connected

Before applying to connect to one of the services provided by the exchange, the applicants must make sure that they fulfill the requirements for the services. Different services may have different requirements.


  1. check the requirements
  2. fill in the member information template
  3. request two copies of the relevant agreement using the following contact information
  4. sign the agreements
  5. send the agreements to the postal address
  6. wait for your application to be accepted
    this may take up to a week
  7. one copy of the agreement with both the applicant's and TREX's signatures will be returned
  8. pay the first part of the fees as detailed in the agreement
  9. start ordering and setting up the connections
    the marketplace mailing list may be invaluable in finding providers for required resources
    be sure to check the street address of the switch and the codes for the meet me rooms in advance

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