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[PDF]Primary Service: Private Service VLAN

Private Service VLANs, also sometimes refered to as Closed User Groups (CUGs), are a way for customers to create value added exchange point services for each other.

Private Research VLANs are a special case of Private Service VLANs for use by research projects under the TREX umbrella.

Member Requirements for Private Service VLAN Creation

The customer (later refered to as "the creator") that is requesting the creation of a Private Service VLAN will need to show that at least one other customer will be connecting to the VLAN within three months. The creator will also need to provide the following information:

TREX can provide IPv4 and/or IPv6 address space for the VLAN and a mailing list for customers connected to the VLAN.

A fee of 100 EUR is charged for creation of the private VLAN. A fee of 100 EUR is charged for adding ports to a private VLAN after the first two weeks of operation.

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