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[PDF]Access Method: FNE VPLS

This is an alternative method to connect to the exchange point. FNE Finland provides a remote connection to the Unicast Peering VLAN (VLAN ID 4) anywhere in Finland over their MPLS backbone. The connection is implemented using VPLS technology, which means that traffic between two FNE VPLS members takes the most direct route within FNE's backbone and does not enter the TREX switch matrix at all.

Restrictions for FNE VPLS

FNE VPLS is not a full TREX membership class. The primary differences are that it is not possible to get access to any other VLAN than VLAN 4: Unicast Peering. FNE VPLS membership also doesn't include any physical switch ports, while full membership always includes two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The customer can negotiate a maximum speed (commit rate) for the connection with FNE, and this will be an important factor in the fee for this service. Another factor is the link from the customer's network to the closest FNE core node. (*)An example connection with a 100Mbps commit rate would cost 60 EUR +80 EUR per month, plus VAT.

Each FNE VPLS customer also only gets one IPv4 address and one IPv6 address on the peering VLAN and FNE limits the traffic on the customer connection to one MAC address according to the algorithm on the unicast service description page.

Member Requirements for FNE VPLS

Members of this service become customers of FNE Finland Oy. FNE will charge its customers a fee which will include the TREX membership fee for this service. TREX will charge FNE half the standard TREX membership fee for each FNE VPLS customer.

Other requirements for FNE VPLS customers are shared with the Unicast Peering service. One of those requirements is to peer with the exchange point itself.

To apply for this service or to request more information, please send an email to sales-2024@trex.fi.

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