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[PDF]General Data Protection Regulation Notice

Gathered on this page are all our policies for protection of personal data.

Contact Details

As part of our membership contract, we require members to submit contact details, such as administrative, billing, network operations, peering and so on. These contacts will only be used for business communications between TREX Regional Exchanges Oy and the member. Operational contacts are also used among members.

Mailing Lists

We maintain email mailing lists for discussion about subjects related to the IXP. There are two types of mailing lists: operational and informational.

The email addresses on the operational mailing lists are maintained by TREX Regional Exchanges Oy and they are based on contact details submitted by the members.

The email addresses on the informational mailing lists are maintained by the Mailman software. Users are able to add, change and delete their information themselves using the interfaces provided by Mailman.


Traffic passing through the exchange point is not modified or recorded in any way. Traffic may occasionally be monitored briefly as part of standard fault isolation practices.

Public Services

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